Hi Everybody! This group's target is to help independent developers to exchange services like cross promotion and localizations/translations. The basic idea is to reach the results the big ones reach through a lot of money via "out of the box" networking. To keep the exchange "in the family" and to enable open but private discussion for all members this is a closed (private) forum. However, every indie developer is more than welcome to join (no matter which platform you are developing for) :-) Just register and I approve as quick as possible :-) Let's work together, because together we are stronger! Just one more thing, for questions relating this forum, you can reach me on Twitter @gandolf_wizard or @IDXG1 :-) Greetings Anselm

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Hello :-) Thank you for joining the group! Please tell me what categories and what else you think is missing in the General Discussion Category. Lets get this running! Any questions or wishes just tell me :-) Greetings Anselm